Book Review– Bald Is Better With Earrings

If you’ve gotten diagnosed with breast cancer– or any cancer, for that matter– and are looking for a practical yet funny guide on how everything really feels– Andrea Hutton’s book Bald Is Better with Earrings is right for you. It’s a quick read and deals with the nitty gritty of everything from tests, how to tell your children of your diagnosis, and more. Ever been told chemotherapy will make you bald but don’t know how it feels to BE bald? She’s got you. Even without having had breast cancer I found it an interesting and subtly humorous read. She recommends the best flavor of pre-surgery chalky drinks and even funny sensations you’ll feel during a test. Due to her candid remarks matched with medical advice, she’s the friend you’d want to have by your side– and, in a way, you can. Thanks to this first-hand-experience expert on cancer, you can learn how to deal with the disease without (or before) ever having had it yourself. Thanks, Hutton. 🙂

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