A Song for Every Situation

I don’t know about anyone else, but I know inspiration comes in many forms. I’ve written things based on dreams, daydreams, and my epilepsy experience, but I know that at least over the course of the past year a new kind of inspiration is taking over– music. I can hear a song and instantly derive a scene or even an entire book idea, possibly based on the emotion evoked. My current manuscript can be boiled down to a relatively small number of songs– and whole scenes have been derived by them. My original favorite scene in my manuscript was inspired by the song “Rewrite the Stars” from The Greatest Showman, while the hymn “Be Still My Soul” is the song Mallory played when she and Jerome met. Also, the soft, comforting rhythm to a Niall Horan song sparked an idea that led to what became part of Jerome’s birthday scene– a very special and momentous scene for me to daydream about and write about. The possibilities of the partnership of music and plotlines are endless.

What’s your inspiration? Try to put a finger on it– because when you can, you can feed it often– just like I can listen to more music that will feed my story and evoke emotions in Mallory and Jerome while evoking inspiration in me! When you feed your inspiration on the go, you can once again #writewherever !

Keep smiling, reader!

-Tia ;-D

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